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Legal Knowledge.
Human Wisdom.
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We help our clients
achieve their goals and
solve their problems by
performing effective and
innovative legal work on their behalf.
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Lawyers you will swear by.

A relationship with Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd is a relationship you can swear by.

Legal Services Brisbane

Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd provides legal services across an ever expanding variety of areas to clients across Brisbane, Regional areas, Interstate and Overseas.

Our legal expertise is extensive and our legal services cover areas of law including, but not limited to, Building and Construction Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Criminal Law, Defamation and Media Law, Family Law, Franchising Law, Entertainment and Media Law, Migration Law and Technology Law.

We can also assist with Conveyancing, Debt Recovery & Debt Reconstruction, DeFacto Relationship Matters, Domestic Violence, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Bankruptcy & Liquidation, Voluntary Administration, Insolvency Matters, Litigation and Dispute Resolution and more. Learn more about the expanding areas we service.

About Gregg Lawyers

At Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd we provide a sound, affordable and empathetic legal service to a wide range of clients both corporately and individually.

We are proud that some of our clients who were our first Clients are still with us today.

While we have grown with the needs of our Clients, we have also invested in our people and our systems , ensuring we have the most up to date and current facilities.

Our solutions, at times, have been labelled innovative and unique.

A relationship with Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd is a relationship you can swear by.

Learn more about Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd.
Meet the Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd legal team.

The Gregg Lawyers Approach

Where you feel comfortable with us and we feel comfortable with you, we can both focus on your legal concerns. Our approach is:-
  • To gain understanding of your objectives.
  • To develop strategies to achieve the desired result, giving you recommendations and options.
  • Once the strategy is outlined, we will concentrate on achieving for you the best and most realistic result.
  • We will periodically review strategies and provide you with ongoing advice as to the best way to achieve your objectives.
  • To create an atmosphere of what we call ‘Comfortable Professionalism’: